artist and filmmaker lives in Bristol. United kingdom. worked on many animated feature films in the uk including oscar winners.also worked as an illustrator in the 80s and 90s. Trained in fine art as a postgraduate student in the uk and in krakow poland 90.93 and in st petersberg Russia. works sold to many collections over the world mainly in the USA . Japan. Poland.and Germany.recently painting again.

The  snow  falls each  flake  in its correct  place    "zen  saying"   there is  a hidden  harmony in  nature ,  a  universal  intelligence .

l  paint  to  glimpse  it  !! .  my  aim is  be   aware, concious , spacious , without  words or  the thinking  mind., alert,  still .  nature  is  all in  all.little  maketh  the  greatest  happiness , when  l  try  to   paint  beauty  or  when  l  want  to  arrive  at  the  goal   more  than  the  doing  l  create  stress and  negative  emotion, judgement  and  lack.  did  the  thinking  mind   ever  create  a  work  of  beauty. the  notion  of  making  it  mine   and  taking  the  credit  would  destroy  the  spaciousness

now  l  see beauty  not  to  define  it ,  just  be  in that  space , music is  the  language  of the  spheres ,  we  are just  a  blue  dot  in  the  milky  way, there is  only  ever  this  moment .  this  conciousness ,this  abundance  or fear of lack of  . l  paint  to  understand  myself  .

The  endless  summers  of  childhood , the  first  fine  rapture  is  my  defining   creative   drive to  paint, sensual and buttery oils  on  canvas, .l   was   lucky  ,  13 years  living  in  a  wooded  valley, in a  hut,  a river  ran  through  it   ,  fishing,  swimming, swinging  through  trees ,running  in  the  long  grass. blissful a  secret  of  happiness , now  in  2010 !  again I  have  the  time  and  space  to  be  in  rapture. the  joy  of  being  cannot  come  to  you  .it  is  who  you  are  !!

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  1. Anette Engel-Koch avatar
    Anette Engel-Koch Oct 19, 2012

    Hi, saw your picture on the Wayn site.
    Very Interesting what you are doing and nice.
    Thought it is not wrong to say a hi to you.
    Anette from Germany